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 Living Life with Kenzie

Trying to become my true self and sharing my journey.

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Long Time No See

Hi everyone, life has been absolutely crazy. Between my new internship for a wedding planner and traveling the world. I have had little...

Week 2- Not Just A Vacation

Hi everyone, This past week has been nothing but work work and more work. I have nothing against keeping busy and to keep me moving but I...

Week One- Getting my Groove

Hi everyone, I had just finished my first week abroad in Sorrento, Italy. I had such an amazing time from finding my favorite cafe,...

Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Hi everyone, this past weekend I had to say goodbye to my person. My boyfriend who I have been with for nearly two years. This is the...

Saying My See Ya Laters

As you might know I am going abroad in the next few weeks to Sorrento, Italy. Even though trying to fit my life in a suitcase will be...


Hi everyone, my name is Mackenzie! I am currently a junior in college and about to go abroad. My life is about to change; I am going to...

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Nice to Meet You

An Open Book

HI, Welcome to my Blog!! I am Mackenzie but you can call me Kenzie. I am a Junior in college and going abroad. This blog will consist of videos, pictures, memories and stories of my time alone in another country. My main focus is doing things to find my true higher self! This time away from family and friends will give me but also you a new perspective on life and what you mean to you!

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