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Week 2- Not Just A Vacation

Hi everyone, This past week has been nothing but work work and more work. I have nothing against keeping busy and to keep me moving but I notice while I'm here if I stop moving and working I get sucked into my phone or napping. Which I am in Italy for god sake I need to get out of this small room and explore. But sometimes it's okay to take a break from the whole traveling thing, you can get burnt out easily. In this weeks situation of either doing too much or nothing at all the word balance comes to mind. Having a good work to personal life balance is very vital to experiencing Italy in its full form. Also another piece of advice for abroad students. DO NOT eat out for every meal. Cook something even if that's cereal. The amount of money you can save when you make your own food was extremely beneficial to me. You can only eat so much pasta and pizza until you turn into one lol. Me and some friends every week choose a day to all cook together. This week was taco night, we made everything together and brought a sense of home when working together to enjoy a filling and healthy meal. Till next week, ciao!

Yours Truly,


P.S I will be posting a day in my life vlog soon!

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