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Long Time No See

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hi everyone, life has been absolutely crazy. Between my new internship for a wedding planner and traveling the world. I have had little to no time to write anything. I promise I will write more. These past few weeks have been very intense, full of excitement and uncomfortability. I have made some huge life decisions that I will announce soon. One thing that has changed drastically is my internship. I have entered a new arena and I absolutely love it and my boss. She is an amazing role model to have. Seeing an independent woman create her own company is such a huge inspiration. Also my traveling has a picked up due to it being fall break. I have travelled to Mykonos, Greece. After that I travelled in South of France through Monica and Nice. It was absolutely beautiful and relaxing. My favorite part of Greece was driving the atvs. In France, I pierced my cartilage just cause why not! I have been realizing; this is my life. I need to make the most of it. Do that thing you want to do; don't be scared to dance by yourself on the dance floor. Get that stupid piercing; buy that yummy crepe at 3 in the morning. By doing things that make you feel things; your life will be much fuller. You have to make life interesting and make it yours. If not what are you doing? Get up and make something happen. Don't just let it come to you. Life is way too short to not take that flight or that chance. In all, I am so lucky, I am so happy and will live my life in this manner. Till next time.....

Yours Truly,


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Brava! Enjoy this opportunity and embrace new things. I was a wedding planner in an earlier life. Such fun and what a great internship for you! Its great to be around happy people during a happy time in their lives.

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