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Week One- Getting my Groove

Hi everyone, I had just finished my first week abroad in Sorrento, Italy. I had such an amazing time from finding my favorite cafe, window shopping, eating a DISGUSTING amount of gelato, drying my clothes outside with pins and lines, trying my first espresso martini (never again), making new friends and seeing old ones. This week I had a mixture of emotions; I missed my people but I was so excited to explore my new home for the next few months. One thing that has been a huge part of my new life is my internship. I am in love with the culinary school I work with. I get the leftovers and enjoy the company of customers from across the globe. In some strange way, it feels like I've been here forever already...I don't know to explain it but I am definitely finding my groove. I have learned many Italian words to help me navigate but my favorite one is Vaffanculo.... you can look it up for yourself. This week was full of trial runs and what schedule fits me best. My advice for week one is to not rush and push yourself to try to experience it all. Also open up to people around you, I have found this amazing group of girls and couldn't have done it without putting myself out there. Till next week, ci vediamo dopo!


Kenzie ❤️

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So glad week 1 went well. More pics, please. Let us know what you hate/love. Ciao bella!

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