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Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Hi everyone, this past weekend I had to say goodbye to my person. My boyfriend who I have been with for nearly two years. This is the first time we won't see each other for long amounts of time. That time being 117 days....yes I am counting down. This see ya later was the hardest one. Saying goodbye to family and friends is always hard. But something about not being with your partner is another level of pain. This past weekend was a beautiful mix of happy and sad moments. Even though I was crying half the time; he was strong, cheered me up and reminded me this is an amazing experience I need to do for myself. I appreciated every little moment, hug and kiss we shared. I am so lucky to have someone so supportive of me and my journey abroad. I am going to forward a piece of advice he gave me this weekend being; Don't think about the future...enjoy the now because you never know. Use that advice and run with it; life is way too short.



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