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Saying My See Ya Laters

As you might know I am going abroad in the next few weeks to Sorrento, Italy. Even though trying to fit my life in a suitcase will be hard saying goodbyes and see ya laters will be my biggest challenge. I know that a see ya later is temporary but something about it is truly heartbreaking. I had to say see ya later to my close group of best friends this past week and not being able to be with them next semester is going to kill me (major fomo). I also had to say see ya later to my boyfriends parents and his dogs; which I didn't realize how close I was with them till the water works started coming in. I still am waiting for my farewells when it comes to my boyfriend, best friend and family. I know I will still have all these people in my life when Im overseas but something about leaving my whole life behind is extremely uncomfortable for me. Something that has helped me through this tough time of change is the thought that in order to grow and become the person I am truly supposed to become, I need to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Without these situations I won't mature and expand into my higher self and become a better person for my family, friends and boyfriend. I also have been reminding myself that I am not alone emotionally in Italy; maybe physically but in my heart and on my phone screen; I have a support system back home who will help me get through anything. In all, See ya laters might be hard but there is always a time limit to how long they last.

Truly yours,


P.S - Gonna miss you guys!!

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